flashback friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday, wherein I shamelessly post blog posts of yesteryear in the name of familial nostalgia!


toolbox on my head

So I’ve been on vacation this past week, and apparently vastly overestimated the amount of time I’d have to sew/clean/love on Bug. I’m a big list-maker, I’m a stickler to my to-do lists, and I get a little antsy when I don’t get things done as I’d like. As it turns out, being on vacation doesn’t actually add an extra six hours to your day, and your toddler doesn’t know that vacation week means 1) sleeping in, and 2) letting Mommy get a lot of work done. So I’m shifting my focus to instead concentrate on getting as much sewing done as I can and spending some quality time with J. Bug.

Speaking of quality time with Bug, he’s learning like crazy right now. He now knows the sounds that the cow, puppy, and pig make, and he’s working on the “baaaaa” of the sheep. He can sign, “all done,” “more,” and “water,” and does them all on a regular basis. He can also identify my head, nose, and eyes (by pointing to it when I ask where it is). It seems like he was a little bit behind with communicating, so I’m excited to see him catching up a little bit (and yeah….I’m excited to not have to guess fifty-eleven things to find what he wants , too).

And now for your viewing pleasure, I present a video of play time with Bug. Which is pretty random, to be quite honest. A few months ago, he started putting the toolbox from Grammy and Grampy on his head and laughing at himself. You’ll see that he still enjoys his super cool toolbox helmet…


holy crap, we gave birth to “my buddy.”

Very sophisticated and refined folks are we. Shawn declared “Holy crap, we gave birth to ‘My Buddy’” last night while we were flipping through the channels and stopped on VH1′s I love the 80s. We spent the better part of our night last night proving this hypothesis. I present to you the evidence of our ‘My Buddy-look-alike’ child (the evidence would’ve been more convincing if I could have found a shaggy haired picture of him looking at the camera with his big blue eyes). Still, I think you’ll find that our evidence proves beyond reasonable doubt that we did, indeed, give birth to My Buddy. If we were having a girl, a joke about Kid Sister would be perfect here, but instead I’ll just include a retro commercial clip for your enjoyment.

click this YouTube link.


flashback friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday, wherein I shamelessly post blog posts of yesteryear in the name of familial nostalgia!

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

mondays are tough on everyone

…sometimes your plans just don’t work out like you think they will.

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2010

old school sunday

Shawn being ordained as a minister the day before we graduated. I think it was at that moment that the real gravity and responsibility of going into ministry hit me. Five years later, and I’m still honored to be on this adventure with him.

camp, take one

The boys and I have been so excited to accompany Shawn this summer while he scopes out a couple of camp options for the future. Never one to turn down a chance to go to camp or spend quality family time together, I’m always excited when we get invited along!

On this particular 4- hour drive I started to feel nauseated, and it only got worse after we stopped at subway for dinner. I get carsick easily though, so I was hoping getting to camp would settle my stomach down. Instead, I got sick when Shawn went into the main cabin to get our keys and didn’t stop getting sick until the next morning. I limped along on the tour, hoping the director wouldn’t notice I’d ducked into the bathroom to vomit, and doing my best to simultaneously keep the boys from getting in the way or running off. I actually successfully hid the fact that I was so sick from the director until we were saying our good-byes, and well – I didn’t get to the bathroom in time.

Despite being sick, I still thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and more importantly, the boys had a blast!




We stopped at the Blue Bell Creamery on our way home, and I was a little bummed that I couldn’t have ice cream. Crackers and sprite for me! 20140710-141701-51421212.jpg



I’ve been trying to blog from my phone for a few days now (largely because most of my photos are taken with my phone nowadays), but every time I add more than a handful of photos it crashes the app. Clearly the cuteness of my boys is just too much for any one blog to handle.

So we’re still here, staying busy and active in our usual summer state. I’ve enjoyed stepping back from this blog to give myself some space to think about why I blog and how much information is appropriate to share. I’ve definitely missed having a place to hold some of our family memories – a place that holds not only our photos, but also the stories and thoughts that accompany them. A picture is worth a thousand words only if you don’t have chronic mommy-brain and can barely remember taking the photo.

So hopefully without crashing the app, I can share a couple of photos of our summer so far..with more to come!


Shawn brought Cohen a vuvuzela home from a soccer game. He brought that loud instrument of torture into our home…on purpose.


I built a makeshift swing for the boys, about which they were stoked. I recently replaced the board with a tire, but they don’t seem to enjoy it as much as the simple board swing.

The boys played “duck, duck, goose” in the backyard…by themselves. It was precious and they were just a giggling away.

I’m afraid to add more photos for fear that I’ll lose the entire post, but hopefully this is enough to let you know that we’re alive, well, and happy!

flashback friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday, wherein I shamelessly post blog posts of yesteryear in the name of familial nostalgia!



There are many reasons why I keep this blog – to share pictures and videos with friends and family, to have a creative writing outlet, to gain wisdom and insight from other people, and to share Bug’s cuteness with the world. One of my primary reasons for starting and continuing this blog however, is because I hate scrap booking. Blogging seems like a much more efficient way to document what’s going on with our family, to put up photos, to track milestones, and to keep videos. Plus, it’s way cheaper. Scrap booking can get expensive, yo!

So I fully understand if this post is of no interest to you, because quite honestly – this isn’t one of those posts that I write for anyone else but ourselves. I just wanted to document some of the things Bug’s been learning in the past couple of weeks. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to be able to share some of the things he’s learning with you, and hope you find it at least vaguely interesting.

Bug has the sign, “all done” down pat! We’ve only used it in reference to eating and sometimes diaper changes, so it blew me away when he signed “all done,” during our outside playtime the other day. “That’s cute,” I said to Shawn, “He’s waving his hands around!” Shawn realized that Bug was actually saying that he was all done playing outside and asked, “You ready to go inside, Bug?” With a nod of his head, Bug answered “Dessss,” and toddled himself to our door to go inside. Sometimes I think I severely underestimate what he’s capable of understanding.

Without intending to, it appears that we’ve taught J. Bug how to pray. Shawn and I pray before eating dinner, and have always held hands across the table when we do so. Once Bug was in his highchair, we’d each hold one hand out to him to hold. At first, he looked at us like we were the strangest people he’d ever met. Then he’d hold our fingers for a second or two and babble through most of our prayer. He now mostly holds on for the entire prayer, though sometimes he has a hard time waiting to dig in. :) After we started eating last night, I was playing around with Bug and held my hand up to his tray. He grabbed my first two fingers and just held on for awhile. Imitating him, Shawn grabbed my other two fingers and said something about Bug and Daddy holding Mommy’s hand.

J.Bug pushed Shawn’s hands from mine and with his other hand held onto Shawn’s now free hand. He squeezed his eyes super tight and bowed his head. Our little guy was expecting to pray! Of course we obliged, thanking God for our sweet son and how He’s molding and growing him.

Bug has also learned that cows go, “Mooo.” I had shown him pictures of cows and made the noise, and he would sometimes imitate me. While we were playing yesterday, he picked up a little stuffed Chick Fil A cow from Grammy. He held it up in air, looked at the cow, looked at me, formed his lips into a perfect “O” shape, and let out a deep, “Ooooooooooh.” He’ll figure out how to attach the “M” at some point.

He can also now clean out his own ears with a Q tip (supervised, of course). We typically clean his ears out after bath time, and he’s recently begun grabbing the baby Q tip and doing it himself. He has remarkable aim and actually does it correctly. Now if we could just figure out how to teach him to change his diaper….

I could also share how he’s learned to throw himself onto the floor in a fit of rage, how he’s found the one lower cabinet in our kitchen that isn’t childproofed and hides random books, toys, lids, and other “treasures” in there, or how he’s learned to throw his pacifier on the car floor and then scream for twenty minutes because he doesn’t have his pacifier. I could share that stuff. But for now, we’re just going to pretend that he’s angelic, sweet, perfect, and cute all the time. Because really, he’s pretty dang close.